My Favorite Pickups

I just wanted to share a quick guitar nerd note: I am totally in love with Ron Ellis pickups, hands down the most musical, gorgeous, & dynamic pickups I've ever used. And they get better... the more you play them, its as though they mold to your playing. It’s insane. I also couldn’t think of a more sincere,  hard working, kind and forward thinking person then Ron. Just a note to say thank you Ron Ellis and if you have a chance to try them, please do! For more information, Ron’s email is:

December Tour with The Milk Carton Kids

We're thrilled to announce that Julian will be supporting The Milk Carton Kids on the December leg of their Monterey Tour. Julian will be performing solo acoustic. Ticket info is available at the tour page

12/1/15 | San Francisco, CA | Palace of Fine Arts

12/2/15 | Napa, CA | Uptown Theatre

12/3/15 | Arcata, CA | Van Duzer Theatre

12/5/15 | San Diego, CA | Balboa Theatre

12/7/15 | Mesa, AZ | Ikeda Theater

12/8/15 | Santa Fe, NM | The Lensic

12/9/15 | Boulder, CO | Boulder Theater

12/11/15 | Dallas, TX | Majestic Theater

12/13/15 | Austin, TX | Paramount Theatre

Skype Lesson Scheduling is LIVE!

The new scheduling system for Skype Lessons has now arrived! I've now posted blocks of availability in between my touring so as to make scheduling a little more consistent and a lot easier. Starting today, all lessons will be booked via Facebook Skype Lesson tab or You will be prompted to create an account in order to reserve a lesson but it's very simple to set up. Please check back often as spots fill up and we add new blocks of availability throughout the week. If you have any questions about the new scheduling system, email

1949 Gibson J-45 For Sale!

Hello All! 
I'm very happy to report that my beloved guitar shop, TR Crandall, has one of my guitars for sale as of today; a 1949 Gibson J-45 with walnut back and mahogany sides. I love this guitar and bought it the first day I entered their shop. I believe it was Tom's personal flat top for many years and served as a wonderful tool for me as I began venturing into the world of solo guitar writing. Anywho, it couldn't be in better hands than at TR Crandall and if you are looking for a J-45 with slightly warmer walnut vibe, you might dig this!

For more information, click here

Solo Guitar Record "World's Fair" Pre-Order Available Today!

Hello All!

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my solo acoustic guitar record "World's Fair." This is a project I've been working on over the past couple years thanks to the love and support of my friends at The Shifting Foundation. My aim was to write a body of songs that bridged the gap between guitar studies and songs, drawing from the sonic fingerprint of early radio recordings mixed with the short form structures of some of my favorite classical and folk music. Done with my 1939 Martin 000-18 and no overdubs, this was a collaborative experience with producer Matt Munisteri and engineer Armand Hirsch, two of my absolute heroes and dearest friends.

Please check out for my information and to hear the song "40's". Thank you for listening and hope to see you soon!